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Store, share, collaborate and more with Dropbox

Join over 700 million registered users who trust Dropbox

See what sets Dropbox apart

Your files, not ours

With Dropbox, your files belong to you, so you can be sure we're not reselling your data.

All your files in one place

Store computer backups, photo libraries, thousands of documents (all your files, in the same place).

One-of-a kind functionality

Store files as large as 2 TB each, sync at light speed, and allow anyone to preview nearly 200 file types.

Ease of use and security

2/3 of surveyed users say Dropbox keeps their files more secure and we're a leader in ease of use.

Bring your team together with Dropbox for work

Join the 600,000+ businesses and organizations who trust Dropbox as their secure, flexible workspace.

Work together from anywhere

Make it simpler for your team to communicate and collaborate even when you are apart. Access the content, tools, & teammates you work with daily from one place (only in Dropbox)

Admin Controls

Admin tools that are powerful and simple to use to let you control team members' access to company data. ​

App intergrations

Whatever tools or programmes your team uses, Dropbox is compatible. Start a Zoom meeting, share files through Slack, and use Dropbox Sign to digitally sign documents (they all work safely and securely with Dropbox).

Organize your personal life with Dropbox for home

Centralize your cloud storage

Consolidate all of your files easily on Dropbox. To make sure you always have everything you need, you may even automatically backup your computer. ​

Have a peace of mind that your info is secure

Utilize the most recent encryption techniques and security measures to protect your content. Use Vault to store your most sensitive documents, and use Dropbox to conveniently store all of your passwords.

Share what you love with who you love

Anyone can use Dropbox - It works across all devices, from Mac to PC to iOS and Android. You can easily share any file, even if it's too large to email, or the recipient doesn't have Dropbox.

Find the right plan for you

Dropbox Business plans are for teams with three or more members. We also have individual plans for freelancers, solo workers, or personal use.

Dropbox Edu - minimum 300 licenses (Annual)

Dropbox Education empowers faculty, staff, and students to do their best work together from anywhere, with any file, on any device. Enterprise-grade security protects this powerful collaboration network, giving schools the control and visibility they need to centrally manage data. IT can manage users, monitor activity, and control sharing permissions from a centralized admin console. Dropbox Education seamlessly integrates with tools like Blackboard, Moodle and Turnitin to provide an all-around enhanced experience for higher ed.

Note: Dropbox Education is only available to Educational Institutions.

Dropbox Business: Advanced Server Integration - 3 licenses included (Annual)

The Advanced Server Integration plan for Dropbox Business is for teams and businesses with ongoing data transport into Dropbox that is complex or heavy volume in nature. On this plan, API calls for data transport are unlimited, whereas they’re limited (25,000 calls/month) on the non-Server Integration plans. This plan offers your customers a tiered storage model, with generous quota levels designed for large-scale use cases. In addition to unlimited API calls, your customers will have access to features designed specifically for customers seeking more sophisticated admin and audit controls, such as invite enforcement, domain verification, and device approvals.

This plan also offers access to powerful collaboration features such as Smart Sync, Team Folder, and Dropbox Paper.

Dropbox Business: Advanced - 3 licenses included (Annual)

The Advanced plan on Dropbox Business gives teams as much space as they need, along with sophisticated admin, audit, security, and integration capabilities.

The Advanced plan helps your team be organized, stay focused, and get in sync. It has features not available to teams on the Standard plan, including:

Dropbox Business: Standard - 3 licenses included (Annual)

Dropbox Business Standard offers powerful storage, sharing, and collaboration tools. The Standard plan on helps your team organize, get in sync, and stay focused on your most important work with 5 TB of space and easy-to-use team management and collaboration tools.

It is built for teams needing powerful sharing and collaboration tools, with great features:

All price is subject to 6% SST Government Tax (which will be computed by product’s principle).

Frequently asked questions

Dropbox is a secure cloud-based file storage service where you can save all your files and access them anywhere, on any device. It is a workspace for distributed teams where you can organize and access content in one collaborative team space.

You need an account to store and share files, but anyone can view files shared with them, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.